«» Please, please, please do not brickwall limit your final export. Though it is not an issue if a compressor or limiter was used as an artistic process.

«» A good reference peak level for your final exports should be around -3db.

«» Check your mixes in Mono to make sure none of the elements get lost.

«» Send in your files at the original sample rate you were working on, do not convert the sample rate.

«» Do send us a reference track, a song that you feel is close to how you want your track(s) to sound like, this would give us an idea of your intention.

«» Prepare a backup of your master before sending to us.

«» Please check and verify that the audio quality is acceptable and free of flaws and unwanted noise.

«» We will deliver to you digital audio masters in 44.1khz | 24bit | WAV format, do let us know if you require the files in a different format.

«» For CD Masters, please send in ISRC, CD-Text and/or EAN information if they are available, CD masters are delivered as DDP-files.